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Ocasio Consulting is committed to creating beautiful, functional, and affordable website designs in Orlando and Central Florida.

Orlando Web Design Company

Our Orlando web design company provides creative concept solutions & innovative visuals and web design solutions to companies in Orlando fl. We can deliver stunning results through affordable WordPress websites, graphics design, social media marketing, internet marketing services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress Website Optimization, and Branding. Request a FREE estimate. Would you please look around our website? If you have questions, please contact our web designers in Orlando!

Why digital marketing and web design are so important?

In today’s times, a website is a necessary business tool. It has become the foundation of any company’s marketing and advertising efforts. An effective online presence can help your business grow in many ways, including:

  • Discover new customers in Orlando Fl
  • Showcase products and services to current customers
  • Drive traffic to physical locations
  • Drive sales leads
  • Build an authoritative resource for your industry

Let our digital marketing agency & SEO experts craft your business’ brand story and messaging.

Things to consider when hiring a web design company in Orlando Florida

Choose someone who understands your business: A good web design agency will comprehend and translate the essence of your brand into a customer-friendly online presence. The designer needs to understand branding, communication style, target market, and audience to build an effective design for clients.

To ensure that you’re choosing the right web design agency, look for a group of experts who can provide different viewpoints and collaborate with you throughout the process to ensure you get what you want out of your website design! They should know how search engines (like Google) work to incorporate search engine optimization best practices into their data-driven designs.

web design services
Website design services in Orlando

When we start on any project, our clients are assigned a personal project manager. Each expert is there every step of the way and available to answer any of their questions or concerns. They will keep you informed regularly and on time with everything we do as a digital marketing agency.

Please find a few reasons why Ocasio Consulting is the best choice out there for all your web design and development needs:

We make it easy for our clients by providing them with outstanding web design at an affordable price. We can create appealing websites that effectively communicate their message while still being highly functional, all at an affordable price!

YouTube video

You get what you pay for in Orlando FL – As with anything else in life, if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Avoid inexpensive “do-it-yourself” sites, which may save you money today but cost you more in the long run. Also, avoid highly overpriced website designs that you don’t feel comfortable with.

We have a proven process – We will provide you with the proper method to make your digital marketing agency experience fun and rewarding. We will also help you build your marketing message while helping your company grow! Below are a few more items to consider:

Consider Experience

– A designer’s experience can mean the difference between a practical design that appeals to your audience and one that falls flat. The more experience a designer has, the better his chances of creating a successful website design for you.

Consider Personality

– Some designers are “idea” people who come up with concepts, while others are “detail” people who focus on execution and problem-solving. You may need a designer who can do both, but if you know that your idea person isn’t good at follow-through, be sure to hire a detail person as well.

Consider Expertise

– Design is a complex process with many facets, so don’t assume that you can hire just anyone. For example, if you need a well-suited site for mobile devices and desktops, your designer should have expertise in this area.


– While it’s hard to quantify creativity, there are ways to measure performance. A good designer will show you how many visitors his design has attracted over a given period. (Google Analytics is a great tool for this.) He should also demonstrate how much business the site generated for you and what kind of results the design got you.

While it may be tempting to hire a cheap designer, in the end, it will cost you more when your site isn’t effective at attracting new customers and generating business. So make sure that you consider all of these things before working with an Orlando web design agency!

Consistent Results

Another critical factor to look for in a web and digital marketing agency is consistency. No two businesses are the same, and neither should be your website. Our team prides itself on consistent results that always delivers on time, every time. Whether you need your full site redesigned or a few pages added – we will give you the most consistent results you can find. Additionally, there should be no other ulterior factors behind this company’s conversion to your exact specifications for the most appealing outcomes and payoffs for you!

So as you are looking into Orlando Web Design Company pricing, make sure they create a custom website that meets all of your needs and requests with consistent completions and constant communication to make sure you are on the same page!

Work with the best web designers in Orlando fl. We, Will, Help Your business blossom!

Why choose Ocasio Consulting as your Orlando web design agency?

OCASIO CONSULTING is an award-winning, full-service web design company specializing in creating unique websites for small businesses throughout Central Florida and beyond.

We know that you will not be able to reach your target audience without a web presence and make a lasting impression, ultimately impacting the success of your business. That is why we take pride in offering our customers customized services and ensure their satisfaction through providing quality website design and development at a fair price.

With over 30 years of experience, we can help design websites for any business. Our unique approach to Orlando SEO & Web Design “outsources” the creation of your web design development from concept through hosting. Let us put our content marketing expertise to work for you today!

Making Your Website Your Own!

From color schemes, tag lines, and non-branded logos, we can create appealing websites that effectively communicate their message while still being functional and easy to use. Make your website unique with the following:

Customized Designs for Your Business Approach

We work closely with you to understand your company and its products/services, then offer expert advice on how best to present them online. For example, as a software development company, we would recommend one type of design over another. It’s our job to know what works best so you can succeed in growing your business! Our talented team utilizes the latest web design technologies that include HTML5/CSS3 code and graphic editing programs such as Dreamweaver CS6 and Photoshop CS6. We do not stop there – We also provide hosting services which include domain name registration through GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Network Solutions.

Websites built to generate leads

Whether you are online to promote your company or sell a product, we create stunning and user-friendly web pages that will help convert website visitors into leads and eventually loyal customers. We use proven techniques on how best to utilize your website to achieve the most cost-effective results for you. Potential customers can be directed to specific products/services through a well-planned navigation structure while being engaged through the use of eye-catching graphics and responsive layouts. We are professionals who stay at the forefront of new technologies so you can make the most out of your web presence.

We provide “peace of mind” by providing essential resources to help guide you through the often complicated process of getting online. We maintain a library of in-depth instructional articles that will walk you through your website set-up, including how to work with an email to design effective newsletters and start an e-commerce store. Lastly, we are always available to make edits and updates when necessary – keeping your site current and relevant as your business grows!

Website Design Services Agency

Orlando Web Design Services:

Whether you have an idea in mind for your website or just need a professional to take care of the details, talk to us, and we can guide you through the process so that your vision becomes a reality. Our team will work with you to ensure the designs meet your unique requirements while still remaining appealing to others. We offer full web design services, including Customized Designs for Your Business Approach 

  • Responsive Web Design (web pages adapts automatically) 
  • One-Click Publishing & Editing Tools (easily update and maintain your site) 
  • Ecommerce Website Set Up & Integration (sell products on YOUR website) 
  • Domain Name Registration & Hosting – Including Blog Site! 

Content Management System Setup Small Business Web Development From conception all the way through launch, we create websites that grow your business. Our team of Orlando Web Design Specialists will help you reach more customers and ultimately increase sales leads while maintaining a stunning, user-friendly web design. Through our SEO and Social Media optimization techniques, your website is optimized for search engines such as Google®, which translates into increased traffic and enhanced visibility in the search results. Our custom web development services are designed to suit your budget and business needs while ensuring you have a website that is engaging, user friendly, and effective in delivering your message. We can also help with managing the content on your site, including images – so there’s no need for you to learn how to operate a CMS program or spend time updating.

Web Design Services

Our web design team is experienced in creating custom web graphics and templates from scratch. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and non-profit organizations. Bottom line, we’ll conceptualize, design, develop and implement your website so that it’s not only easy to use but looks great on any size screen, including tablets and smartphones! 


We are expert branders, creating creative, stand-out packaging designs for your market. We will develop a design concept that brings out the personality and philosophy of your brand and then translate it into a tangible expression through layout, color, typography, image selections, and other factors.

Social Media Marketing

We offer Social Media Optimization services that go beyond posting to Facebook®, Twitter, and Google my Business. We’ll track engagement levels on all channels, so you know exprecisely which ones work best for you – as well as employ advanced techniques such as content creation, paid ads, and marketing automation.

Web Development

Our top web designers provide top web development solutions for your business needs. We design and develop interactive web applications, 3D graphic animation, Flash gaming for social media sites, and more. You will be impressed with our creativity and high standards – we guarantee it!

Web Hosting

We provide top-quality web hosting solutions designed with small businesses in mind. Whether you’re a start-up or an established organization, we’ll help you get online quickly while ensuring maximum uptime for your site through disaster recovery technology like automatic backups. Our secure servers offer reliable web hosting.

WordPress Design & Development

The WordPress platform has gained popularity among millions of users as an excellent CMS system. As a result, webmasters have been interested in designing professional and effective WordPress themes. Our team of Orlando WordPress designers and developers has built countless custom-designed websites using the popular content management system, so we know how to get you up and running with a fully customized website that will accelerate your business! We’ll set up a blog site where you can easily post blogs of your own about anything on your mind – with no writing or HTML knowledge required.

Maintenance of WordPress

We provide a complete package for WordPress maintenance and management. Our professional techs will keep WordPress secure, customized, and up-to-date. We’ll also administer updates to major releases as well as create custom plugins for your site. 

Ecommerce websites

For business owners looking to establish a full-service online store, our web design team will build responsive websites that are custom-designed to generate sales. We’ll create the perfect web development for your product line, including shopping carts and automated order fulfillment and payment modules.

Corporate websites

Do you need a high-end, professional-looking website for your company in Orlando? Our team of Orlando web design team can help you get noticed with an engaging website designed especially for large companies. Whether you need a personalized portfolio page or data-driven enterprise solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), we have the skills and experience necessary to meet your company’s specific needs.

Logo Design

We offer a complete package of logo design services to help you develop attractive, marketable logos. We’ll create and evaluate several concepts until we find the one that will give you the image you want – then we’ll refine it and prepare a vector-based graphic file that can be scaled up or down without affecting its quality.

Graphic Design Services

Our graphic designers can provide custom graphics from scratch or use your existing art files to produce new artwork. Whether you need business cards, brochures, flyers, ebooks, t-shirts, or other printed materials like corporate calendars with photographs of your company’s locations, employee headshots for internal marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, our Orlando web & graphic designers have the skills necessary to meet your digital marketing needs. 

Internet Marketing Services

Expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website marketing professionals will design, install, optimize, track and manage top-quality search engine optimization campaigns for your business. We’ll leverage our years of experience in the Internet marketing industry to build a custom SEO strategy for your business that is tailored to increase traffic from organic or natural search results on major search engines like Google. Our white hat SEO services include Keyword research; On-site optimization; Conversion rate improvement, Link building.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Our talented social media managers are experienced at planning & implementing social media strategies that help grow brand awareness while connecting with potential customers online. We can create or manage Facebook pages for the products you market and handle all aspects of their management, including posting, responding to comments and messages from customers, providing customer support, and analytics.

Internet Reputation Management (or “SEO cleanup”)

Do you have negative content online about yourself or your company that doesn’t portray your image in the best possible light? Our Orlando reputation management specialists will develop a plan for getting rid of any damaging content on the internet as well as replace it with positive content, so people searching for information about you will find an improved version of what they’re looking for.

Expanding Our Web development service offerings

Contact us to learn more about our website design and development services. We can add your new feature, extension, or module to the existing standard functionality in a short amount of time without extending the development contract or asking you for additional funds. For Orlando Web Design Services: Get an Instant Quote Now! Fill out our online form for an instant quote here.

Content Writing Service in Orlando

Are you looking for high-quality content writing services in Orlando? The writers on our team can produce original, customized articles to post on your blog or website. We will write about any topic, any industry, and provide SEO optimized keyword-rich headlines that draw readers in and increase the visibility of your business. Content Marketing Services: High-Quality Copywriting Assignments Three things all copywriters should do when crafting content marketing pieces: 

  • Find out what the target audience is interested in and what they want to learn (based upon a thorough understanding of what you are selling). 
  • Understand how to speak directly to them with clarity of tone and no jargon—no matter which demographic group you’re speaking to. 
  • Become an accurate stenographer who can convert your clients’ or bosses’ notes into a great copy that addresses those topics and issues. 

Contact us to learn more about our content writing service in Orlando.

Your digital marketing partner in growth

Internet marketing is still about relationships. We’re committed to building and maintaining genuine relationships with our clients—we do this by listening and frequently communicating to gain a deep understanding of your business’s needs, your industry, and your competition. Once we understand you better than anyone else does, we can create powerful solutions that will generate new leads for your business while growing your market share. Internet Marketing Services in Orlando

We’ve been providing internet marketing services to Orlando businesses since 2000. Standard packages start at only $500 per month so get the best results possible for the lowest cost possible!

Extreme Customer focus

The best customer experience is the source of our competitive advantage. Our team goes out of their way to earn not just your business but also your trust, so you will be loyal to us and know that we are looking out for you. You’ll see this in every interaction, from a timely response by phone or email, quick turnarounds on projects—even allowing extra time for clients who need it without charging more.

It withstands the test of time with modern technology

You can bet on our Internet Marketing solutions to help grow your business because they’ve been around since 2000 and have already helped thousands of businesses increase their sales and gain new customers through multiple economic cycles. Best of all, we stay ahead of the curve with ongoing education.


We will not do business with anyone who does not have the same high standards of professionalism that we expect for ourselves. Your reputation is our reputation, so we take great care to make sure your customers’ experiences are always positive, and so they know you’re working hard behind the scenes to promote their best interests.

How We Work Together

Every business is different, which means every step in their growth plan will be unique as well. We tailor a strategy to meet your needs by listening carefully and learning what makes you tick. We’ll help you build a realistic marketing budget, decide how much investment of time or money to dedicate, develop measurable goals, and then measure your results regularly against those goals to make adjustments as needed along the way until you achieve true success.

Standard and affordable marketing strategy

We have been helping our clients reach their marketing goals since 2000. Let us help you with your next project, no matter how big or small. Simply contact us to see how we can work together. We’d love to hear from you! 

Are you ready to scale your business?

Do you want to grow your business? Do you need a fresh new eye on your marketing efforts and results? Expert advice from professionals who are educated in this field can be the difference between success and failure for many businesses. We have helped small businesses just like yours multiply their sales, increase their customer base, acquire more leads and build stronger relationships with current customers through our advertising strategies of all sizes, shapes, budgets, and scopes.

We understand that every dollar spent must bring equal or greater results in return (ROI) to justify its expense. This is especially challenging during tough economic times when even well-intentioned spending has become cautious. Through careful analysis of your business, we will help you eliminate the unnecessary and costly fluff that is often added in advertising to make it more appealing but does not benefit your bottom line.

Striving for excellence in customer service is one of the cornerstones upon which our company was founded. Our goal is to give you a professional experience from beginning to end while providing non-bureaucratic solutions that are easy to understand and implement. We work closely with clients every step of the way, making sure they receive what they need without confusion or stress because their time matters as well.

When you are ready to take the next leap with your online presence, Contact Ocasio Consulting at (321) 695-7233 or email. We build mobile responsive websites, manage your social media marketing, and provide local SEO services to bring your business great success.

Let’s chat soon!

Ocasio Consulting
1066 Sophie Blvd
Orlando, FL 32828

(321) 695-7233

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