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Check out these 31 stunning iOS app icon designs from Creative Bloq

Ever wondered about who comes up with those clever iOS App icon designs? I do. I love all design things and this week I came across this fantastic post about Icon graphic design for Apps. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did at Ocasio Consulting. Enjoy! Get your crucial iPad and iPhone app icon right, with these brilliant examples. Source: 31 stunning iOS app icon designs | Creative Bloq

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Essential Tips On Getting Affordable Logo Design Done Right

  Our Essential Tips On Getting Affordable Logo Design Done Right Did you know there is a service where can buy a logo designed for less than five dollars? While this is true, do you really want to spend the cost of a cup of coffee on a logo design that is going to define your entire business identity? So many people neglect their logo and do something as more of an afterthought. Where in fact, your logo brand mark should be one of the first aspects that are created for your company. Typically, a mission statement should be created and from that point, the logo should be designed. It is at this time where your mission statement and a blend of colors will become obvious. Your logo should include the essential elements that you want to convey to your customers and clients. Do you want your identity to be fun, reliable, trustworthy? Your logo brand has the ability to offer all of this in one simple glance. The right logo mark will help identify you across a sea of competition. If you are just creating a new company or even a new website, the tips below are going to … Read more