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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the life-blood that steers prospective clients and/or leads to your business website. By properly marking up, your website, we can assist by turbo-charging your website with optimized content for highly targeted prospects to help with conversions.


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6 simple web design tips to improve SEO

With a saturated network of web portals, it is not enough to have a useful page. The content is essential in your website. And for your website to receive many visits and be effective, it is necessary to create a web design to improve SEO. That is, you must design your website in such a way that search engines easily locate you if you have a website with little traffic and do not know why you do not miss these tips.

1. Think about the keywords.
First of all, and although you may have to say it, you must think about what keywords or keywords you want to position yourself. If you are thinking of creating a web design to improve SEO, this is the first thing you have to decide. Do not think of a single keyword but several. If, for example, you have an online store selling shoes, think of words like online sale shoes, cheap shoes, cheap shoes, brand shoes, Spanish shoes, etc. That is, think about the words with which you think your potential customers can search for you on Google and other search engines.

2. Keywords: as high as possible.
Once you have thought your keywords, you should insert them on your website in the most natural way possible and always at the top. The position of words is essential in SEO. It’s recommended the name of your URL should contain your chosen keyword, also, on your site’s page title and headings. If you use an image as a header, you can title the name of the most relevant keyword.

3. Look for the right balance between image and text.
We know that the images are more attractive. However, Google has a harder time finding you with pictures than with text. So add enough text to contain the main keywords that explain what your website is all about. Also, if you use images and videos, use them sparingly and check that they are well optimized and have a good loading speed.

4. Distribute the content equally.
When you are adding the content to your website, try to ensure that all pages have a similar amount of content. That is, avoid making pages with a lot of information and others with little. In the case of articles and blogs, the idea is that they contain between 400 and 900 words.

5. Bet on responsive design.
Keep in mind that if the data indicates most users see us from tablets and smartphones, and fewer and fewer users are browsing with PCs. Therefore, when making your website, it is recommended that you opt for a responsive design that adapts to the screen size. Otherwise, you will have to create a mobile version of your website or risk to be left behind in SEO.

6. Have a good loading speed.
Loading speed is essential to have good rankings in search engines. If your website loads quickly, you will better your chances that visitors do not immediately leave your site. For this, we recommend that you hire a proper hosting company and use tools such as Google Page Speed Insights.

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