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You can rely on our budget-friendly, WordPress maintenance plans to deliver consistent site updates without worry. Save time and money and let us do the heavy lifting while you run your business.

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We back our maintenance services with a money-back guarantee if we fail to deliver on our promise to keep your site safe and secured. 

Frequently asked questions about our website maintenance plans:

Yes, they do. Did you know all software on any website can contain vulnerabilities? We will provide a robust protection/security stack that helps deter nefarious attacks while controlling your WordPress website from being hacked or passing viruses to all site visitors.


Absolutely! Our website hosting servers are modified to allow for the most suitable performance for your WordPress website. By doing so, your website will load very quickly and remain online, providing your visitors with the best experience possible.

Yes, we install and set-up analytics and search console as part of our website maintenance services. It is crucial to properly install analytics as they allow you to view how many visitors browse to and visit your site. You can also track how they discover your website and what browsing behavior they showed. We leverage this data to deliver an enhanced user experience and increase your site’s traffic as your business expands.

Ocasio Consulting fully licenses all software; this ensures you have the latest, up-to-date, and protected updates installed on your site. With a developer license, we cover your site website instead of YOU paying for each software license separately.

Yes, we provide convenient site backups. Depending on your needs, your site will be backed-up several times each month (possibly more depending on your necessities). Our backups will help guarantee if anything were ever to go wrong, we can deploy a backed-up, working version of your website in only a few minutes. 

Yes. Each month you have one free “60-minute task” as part of the plan. And it’s super easy to do so; send us an e-mail, text, or phone call. We will quickly manage the changes or edits. Keeping your website “newly-refreshed” will be easy, ensuring your site is never out-of-date.

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