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Hello! I am Dennis Chief Creative Officer at Ocasio Consulting.
I love to develop brands, collaborate with non-profit organizations, collect comic books and consume empanadas.


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Short Bio

A few details…

Dennis read his first comic book (4th grade), it was as if the clouds parted, and angels started to sing. He immediately became immersed in the world of imagination, illustration and graphic design; A passion was born.

His second “A-ha!” moment of inspiration came when he attended a Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden. The layout and design of the oversized Circus posters captivated him and fueled his passion for the creative arts and in particular visual graphics.

For Dennis, these two key moments forged a lifelong love affair with graphic design, comics and visual communications.

Saving clients from really bad design since 1990

Branding & Design Experience:

20 Years of Layout & Design
18 years with Photoshop
10 years with WordPress
9 years with HTML/CSS
8 Years in Digital Marketing
4 Years in Mobile App Design & Production
4 Years of SEO & On Page Optimization